New Terms & Usages 《新語・新用法紹介》


No.41 "rape"


ごう‐かん【強姦】暴行・脅迫の手段を用い、または心神喪失・抗拒不能を利用して婦女を姦淫すること。無理やり女性と交わること。強淫。婦女暴行。(『広辞苑 第四版 CD-ROM マルチメディア版』1996年(EPWING規約第3版準拠))

広く世間の人々の耳目には達していながら、信頼できる報道機関によって伝えられることの極めて少ない刑務所内での強制的性行為[prison rape]の現実を教えてくれる貴重な調査記事から。

Inmate rape has such an established place in the mythology of prison that references to confinement often call forth jokes about sexual assault.


(Little Sympathy or Remedy for Inmates Who Are Raped By TAMAR LEWIN from New York Times ON THE WEB, April 15, 2001)

Kendell Spruce, an Arkansas prisoner serving time on a fraudulent-check conviction who said he was raped by more than 20 inmates in one year and contracted AIDS as a result, sued prison officials, charging cruel and unusual punishment.


人権監視委員会[Human Rights Watch]のマリナー氏は次のように語っている。
"We all know that when a woman is raped, it's a serious, traumatic event," Ms. Mariner said. "But it's at least as serious for men. They need to talk about it. They need counseling. Prison staff needs to respond appropriately to inmates who have been threatened with rape or actually assaulted. And we all need to recognize that this is a deeply rooted systemic problem."



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