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No.38 "e-books, digital books vs. printed books, physical books"

"e-books"が市民権を得るのと並行的に、"physical books"という表現も市民権を得つつある。"e-"という接頭辞についても同じだ。

まず、Stephen Kingの電子小説の話題から。

In the brave, new and uncertain world of e-books, 2000 will be remembered as the year of Stephen King.

(注)"Brave New World"(『素晴らしき新世界』)はオルダス・ハクスレーの近未来SF。

(E-books attract literary superstars By Bob Minzesheimer, USA TODAY from USA, 02/08/2001 - Updated 11:06 AM ET)

次に"a physical book"。
In the past, publishers looked askance at certain projects because of the cost involved in printing and distributing a physical book. With e-books, those costs are much less. You can try new things. (ibid)

(注)Dean Koontz(ホラー小説のベストセラー作家)の代理人、Robert Gottliebの発言。

Elmore Leonard has never read an e-book, but when his agent suggested writing a novella to be published digitally, he jumped at the chance. (ibid)
"physical books"はまた"printed books"とも言われる。
"the world isn't ready to abandon printed books" (ibid)

(注)Random.comの編集長Mary Bahrの発言。

最後に"digital books"。普通の言葉になってしまっている。
Escalating a turf war over the nascent business of selling digital books, the online bookseller is expanding its role as a digital publisher, setting a new royalty rate intended to attract authors and publishing an original digital book by the best-selling writer Dean Koontz.

(Digital Book Turf Battle Escalates Over Royalties By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK from New York Times ON THE WEB, January 4, 2001)

"a digital publisher""an e-publisher"とも言われる。
Still, e-books are an entrepreneurial opportunity for authors enticed by higher royalties from e-publishers with lower production and distribution costs.

(E-books attract literary superstars By Bob Minzesheimer, USA TODAY from USA, 02/08/2001 - Updated 11:06 AM ET)


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