New Terms & Usages 《新語・新用法紹介》


No.37 "rotating blackouts, rolling blackouts, rolling outages"


まず、"rotating blackouts"。

Northern and Central California endured a second, more extensive day of rotating blackouts today affecting several million customers, but officials said that large purchases of power by the state under the governor's emergency decree helped avert additional cutoffs during the afternoon.

(California Endures a 2nd Straight Day of Power Blackouts By JAMES STERNGOLD from New York Times ON THE WEB, January 19, 2001)

次に"rolling outages"。
The rolling outages lasted about two hours.

(注) outage「供給停止、停電」

(A second day in the dark from USA, 01/19/01- Updated 02:21 AM ET)

最期に、"rolling blackouts"。
Nearly 2 million residents and thousands of businesses in California narrowly averted losing electricity tonight as managers of the state's overwhelmed power grid came closer than ever to imposing rolling blackouts for the first time.

(Calif. Barely Escapes Rolling Blackouts By Rene Sanchez, Washington Post Staff Writer from Washington, Friday, January 12, 2001 ; Page A02 )


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