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No.36 "fanzines, teenzines"


Only a teen could differentiate between the dozens of look-alike fanzines on the newsstands.

(Cornering the teenzine market By Cesar G. Soriano, USA TODAY from USA, 01/16/01- Updated 07:52 AM ET)

With screaming headlines, fluorescent colors and glossy pullout posters, these teen fanzines have been a rite of passage for girls for decades.

(注) fluorescent 「蛍光性の」;rite of passage「通過儀礼」

Teenzines are "the only constant in the magazine business," says magazine analyst Samir Husni of the University of Mississippi. "You just sit in your office, wait five minutes to see who's the star today and publish your magazine tomorrow."
少女向雑誌は「雑誌業界の中で唯一安定したもの」です、とミシシッピ大学の雑誌専門家Samir Husniは語っている。「ただ事務所で腰をおろし、今日は誰が売れているのかの確認に5分ほど費やし、翌日雑誌を発行するだけなんです。」

Despite the changing prices, readership and boy bands, one thing is certain: Teen fanzines aren't going anywhere.

"Teen girls have always been attracted to music and cute guys," says Carrie Yamato, editor of BOP. "As long as there is radio and TV, and as long as they keep putting those guys on the air, then there's an audience for us."



(注) not go anywhere = go nowhere 「どこにも行かない⇒変わらない」


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