New Terms & Usages 《新語・新用法紹介》


No.28 "DNA detective"



Around the world teams of British scientists are doing the gruesome work required of a DNA detective.


(The DNA detectives from THE TIMES ONLINE SPECIAL, APRIL 13, 2000)

DNAによる個人識別の手法は、1984年に、"Sir Alec Jeffreys"によってはじめて発見されたそうである。
Professor Jeffreys found that by simply obtaining a blood, hair or skin sample he was able to build up a profile of a cell structure that was unique to that individual,............... (ibidem)


Today (Thursday) a senior Russian army officer has requested a team of British forensic experts to help in the gruesome task of identifying the bodies of nearly 300 Russian soldiers, killed in the first Chechen war five years ago, and found on a train in a remote military base 600 miles south of Moscow. (ibidem)




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