New Terms & Usages 《新語・新用法紹介》


No.27 "snap"



"He just snapped."


(The Well-Marked Roads to Homicidal Rage By LAURIE GOODSTEIN and WILLIAM GLABERSON from The New York Times ON THE WEB, April 9, 2000)

But the killers do not just snap. An examination by The New York Times of 100 rampage murders found that most of the killers spiraled down a long slow slide, mentally and emotionally.(ibidem)


"This notion that someone just snaps is based on ignorance and denial," Professor Cornell said. "People don't just snap. Pressures build up." (ibidem)


(注) Professor Cornell: Prof. Dewey G. Cornell, a clinical psychologist at the University of Virginia and director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project


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