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No.50 "missing/ presumed dead/ dead/ died" (数紙から。February, 2001)

   2001年2月9日(合衆国ハワイ時間)、合衆国海軍原潜"The Greeneville"が宇和島水産高校の実習船『愛媛丸』に衝突し、同船を沈没させた事故に関連して。


The Greeneville was performing an emergency-surfacing drill when it struck the Ehime Maru, sinking the 190-foot boat. Nine men aboard the boat, including four high-school students, died.
(Military accountability may be slacking by Thomas E. Ricks, The Washington Post, The Seattle, Monday, February 19, 2001, 12:00 a.m. Pacific)

(注) the chief inspector of schools in England : Mike Tomlinson


Twenty-six people who had been aboard the ship were plucked from the sea afterward. Nine others, including four students, remain missing, though presumed dead.
(Navy to Open Court of Inquiry on Why U.S. Sub Sank Trawler By STEVEN LEE MYERS, New York Times ON THE WEB, February 18, 2001)


PRESIDENT BUSH has ordered the Pentagon to review rules for allowing civilians on board submarines after protests from Tokyo about the submarine accident that left nine Japanese civilians dead.
(Bush orders sub review as death crash row grows By Colin Joyce in Tokyo and Toby Harnden in Washington, electric Telegraph, Saturday 17 February 2001)


Japanese media criticised Yoshiro Mori, the Prime Minister, for continuing a game of golf for almost two hours after hearing reports of the sinking. He said later: "The US has apologised for the nine people lost. The most important thing now is the search for those missing."
(Nine feared dead as nuclear sub strikes trawler By Philip Sherwell and Colin Joyce in Tokyo, electric Telegraph, Sunday 11 February 2001)

(注) apologise for ....「〜のことで謝罪する」


   "The Greeneville"は"a Pearl Harbor-based nuclear-powered attack submarine"「真珠湾を母港とする攻撃型原子力潜水艦」であり、
Commissioned in Norfolk in February 1996, the Greeneville has a displacement of about 6,000 tons. It carries a crew of 12 officers and 98 enlisted sailors and is capable of traveling at speeds greater than 25 knots, according to its Web site.
(U.S. Sub Collides With Japanese Boat By Thomas E. Ricks and Paul Arnett Washington Post Staff Writers, Washington, Saturday, February 10, 2001; Page A01)




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