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No.49 " Worsening behaviour 'linked to teacher shortage'" (by Will Woodward, education editor from Guardian Unlimited, Wednesday February 7, 2001)


Staff shortages are contributing to worse behaviour by pupils, lack of academic progress from ages 11-14, and a widening gap between low and high performers at secondary level, the chief inspector of schools in England warned yesterday.


(注) the chief inspector of schools in England : Mike Tomlinson

Delivering his first annual report, Mike Tomlinson said there was "much to celebrate", particularly in primary schools where in 40% of those inspected there was no unsatisfactory teaching at all. "The great majority of parents are pleased with their children's education," he said.


In schools where 5% or fewer pupils take free school meals, temporary teachers account for 3% of staff

In schools where 50% of pupils take free school meals, temporary teachers account for 10% of staff

Seven out of eight secondary schools are effective, as are nine out of 10 primary schools

More than six out of 10 lessons in both primary and secondary schools are well taught

Behaviour is unsatisfactory in one in 50 primary but in one in 12 secondary schools






(注) account for ....「〜を占める」

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