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No.36 "Senate Passes Digital Signatures Bill" (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ and JERI CLAUSING from New York Times ON THE WEB , June 16, 2000)



Without one disapproving vote, the Senate today passed a final bill that catapults electronic commerce to a new level by allowing consumers and businesses to sign contracts online with a click of a mouse.


この法案によって,電子署名(electronic signatures)に文書への署名(paper signatures)と同等の法的効力(legal weight)が認められることになる。


The Senate passed the measure today by a vote of 87 to 0. The House approved it on Wednesday, 426 to 4.


ところで、電子署名(electronic signatures)とは何かということになると…。
The bill does not specify exactly what a digital signature will look like, allowing companies, and ultimately the free market to decide what kind of technology works best.


The law goes into effect Oct. 1, and consumers could start taking advantage of the new law soon after.


光と影は容易に予感できるが,It remains to be seen.

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