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No.34 " Smith & Wesson Pulls the Trigger, Makes a Deal"
(by JESSICA REAVES,, Web-only news, Sunday, Mar. 17, 2000)

  「Smith & Wesson社は引き金を引き、取引する」という見出し。「引き金を引く」とはこの場合「決心する」ということ。

  While the NRA seems to be relishing its provocative role in the current confrontation, taking verbal shots at Clinton and the FBI, its presumptive allies, the gun makers, may be less interested in alienating the government.

National Rifle Association「全米ライフル協会」


Friday, Smith & Wesson announced it had struck a deal with the feds; the gun giant agreed to implement safety devices and strict retail guidelines for its handguns, and in exchange, the government pledged to drop the company from any pending lawsuits against gun makers.

「金曜日に、 Smith & Wesson社は連邦政府当局者と取引を済ませたことを公表した。この銃器製造大手は拳銃の安全装置と厳格な小売販売指針という条件を履行することに同意し、代わりに政府は係争中の銃器製造業者に対するどんな訴訟からも同社を外すことを誓約した。」


"They have a business to run, and the NRA doesn't have to worry as much about public relations."



And although NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre seems to enjoy his newly visible role as media enforcer, it's hard to predict whether his pleasure will wane if he looks around in the not-too-distant future and notices the NRA has been stranded, alone out in hard-line right field.

「それに、全米ライフル協会の副理事長Wayne LaPierreはメディアの悪者という彼の近頃目につく役回りを楽しんでいるようだが、 彼がそう遠くない将来、辺りを見回し、NRAが取り残されており、強硬路線の右翼に一人立ちすくんでいることに気付いたとして、彼の愉快に影が差すものかどうか予言はし難い。」

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