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No.30 " The Year Ahead" (By LEV GROSSMAN : Time Digital, Wed., Jan. 5, 2000)

  「これからの一年」。副題は、TIME Digital's technology predictions for 2000.

1. Wireless  2. The E-Commerce Backlash   3. The Revenge of MP3. Sort of.   4. Linux Gets Small   5. Cartoons Are King   6. The Stock Market: Plus Ca Change
   1. Wireless  について。
The year 2000 will bring the death of the cable. It's in the air: people are tired of having to plug things in. ..........The technology is there. The desire is there. Plus, it's actually useful.



   2. The E-Commerce Backlashについて。

We predict that e-commerce companies will get sick of trying to make a buck off finicky, fickle consumers and will instead focus on the larger, more lucrative business-to-business market.


(注) make a buck off〜「〜から金を儲ける」。なるほど…。

   3. The Revenge of MP3. Sort of.について。
It still could, and it probably will, as more artists and more consumers become aware of the MP3 medium, and more hardware firms put out their knockoffs of the Rio portable MP3 player; Sony is expected to announce a radical new entry later this month.


(注) knockoff「真似っこ製品」

   4. Linux Gets Small について。
   Linux は普通のPCのOSとして現在以上に普及するのは難しそうである。サーバーについてもWindows 2000がその前に立ちふさがる。

The next battleground? Small non-computer appliances such as Tivo, the Linux-based personal video recorder, or the Linux-based Internet appliance Intel is expected to announce today.


  (注) Tivoは記憶媒体にハードディスクを用いた録画装置

   5. Cartoons Are Kingについて。

Animation sites like AtomFilms and Entertaindom(owned by Time Warner, which also owns TIME Digital) will boom in 2000.

2000年には,AtomFilmsやEntertaindom(Time Warnerの子会社、Time WarnerはTIME Digitalの親会社でもある)といった動画サイトが人気になるだろう。

   6. The Stock Market: Plus Ca Changeについて。(Ca Changeは不明)
The hype over dot-com stocks will gradually fade (see prediction number 2), and overvalued, unprofitable Internet companies will see their stock prices gradually decline. ……They(Investers)'ll find some other industry (biotech? pharmaceuticals? who knows?) inflate with meaningless hype, and give the Internet a well-deserved rest.




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