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No.24 " Gay leader: Don't hate religious right wing " (By Matthew Yi OF THE EXAMINER STAFF, San Fancisco, Sunday Nov 14, 1999)

副題、Calls opponents 'Victims of misinformation'「ゲイ反対派は『誤った知識の犠牲者』である」。call + O + C。

Mel White, a gay minister who once was a ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell, challenged hundreds of gays and lesbians Saturday to stop hating the religious right.

Mel WhiteはJerry Falwellの代作者の役割を務めたこともあるゲイの牧師であるが、土曜日、多数の男女の同性愛者に対し、宗教右派を敵視するのを止めるよう促した。

(注)challenge + O to不定詞「Oに〜するように促す」。Jerry Falwellは"televangelists" の一人。テレビを利用して布教活動をしている。宗教界では「右派」。(Britannica com.などはこうした人名を検索するのに便利。Jerry Falwellを検索してみてください。)


the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's 12th annual Creating Change Conference



On Saturday, White said homosexuals are just as guilty as the religious right in perpetuating a hate-filled relationship between the two camps.


  Mahatma GandhiやMartin Luther King Jr.の生涯を研究してから、Falwell や Pat Robertson(この人物も有名なtelevangelist)に対する見方が変わった、とホワイト氏は言う。

"Gandhi and King remind us that our only task is to reconcile," White said as the audience applauded. Anti-gay religious leaders are "victims of misinformation and it's our task to bring them to the truth in love relentlessly."


"To hear it in this kind of platform gives it weight," said Bill Karnoscak, 41, of Chicago. "It's certainly some food for thought."

「こういった場で聞けば、その発言は重みを持つ。」シカゴからきたBill Karnoscak(41歳)は語った。「考えなくてはならないのは確かだ。」

(注)gives it weight「それに重みを与える」;food for thought「考える材料」。

While Beck agrees with White's call for reconciliation, she said there has to be room for people to be able to feel that their hurt feelings are legitimate when they are abused.

"I understand what he's saying, but I don't think it's going to be easy for everyone," she said.



(注)room to不「〜する余地」

(注)Beck : Alison Beck, a third-year law student at UC-Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law


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