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No.23 " Stops halted" (By RONALD ZAJAC, Brockville Recorder & Times(Canada), Wednesday, November 10, 1999)


City councillors handily defeated a proposal Tuesday night to place stop signs at every city intersection that doesn't currently have a stop or yield sign, calling the move unnecessary and impractical.


(注)a proposal to place 〜「〜を設置するようにという提案」;a stop sign「一時停止標識」;a yield sign「(歩行者に)道を譲れ、という標識、歩行者優先標識」;callingの意味上の主語は City councillors。call + O + C。

"The job of the roads is to move traffic,"


The signs would make the corners safer and the five-year plan would only cost about $4,500, Journal said, adding it's important to be diligent about safety, especially where there are children walking to and from school.


(注) Journal : ラリー・ジャーナル議員[Councillor Larry Journal]。

especially where以下は、「特に子供たちの通学路では(歩いて通学する場所においては)」。whereは接続詞。

But putting stop signs at all uncontrolled intersections is "an overreaction," Councillor Bob Huskinson said.

しかし、標識のない交差点全てに一時停止標識を設置するというのは 「行き過ぎた対応」だ、とボブ・ハスキンソン議員は述べた。

Drivers in Brockville already find its many stop signs irritating and the experience is made worse by jaywalkers, he said.



Councillor Stu Williams, the sole defender of Journal's plan, said under the current guidelines, the city puts up stop signs after children get run over. He called that situation "ludicrous."



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