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No.19 "Mid-life crises ending in suicide" (Asahi News :October 10, 1999)

「自殺に至る中年の危機」(crisesはcrisisの複数形。end in ...「終りが〔…に〕なる,〔…の〕結果になる」

Shigemi Watanabe still cannot understand the reasoning behind her husband's death eight years ago.

"After he worked so hard for the company, he committed suicide. But the company still goes on. What was his death?" said Shigemi, 50.





the number of people who committed suicide in the first four months of this year exceeded 10,056. If this pace continues, the number of suicides this year could almost reach the 1998 figure of 32,863--the worst on record. The 1998 figure meant that about 90 people killed themselves every day.




The 1998 figures included the startling statistic that 6,103 men in their 50s committed suicide in 1998, up 45.7 percent from 1997.

The number of men in their 40s and 50s who killed themselves in the January-April period this year totaled 1,292 and 1,878, respectively. The numbers were almost as high as those from the same period in 1998.



respectively「 (述べられた順に)それぞれ」


concerns of losing his job, paying off his housing loans and financing his daughter's high school education have contributed to the stress he has never experienced before.


concern「心配,懸念(anxiety)」;finance his daughter's high school education「娘を高校に通わせる学費を工面する」;contribute to〜「〜の一因となる」。

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