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No.18 "Search for meth makers continues" (The Austin Daily Herald:Friday, October 08, 1999)


The Austin Police Department continues to search for two suspects allegedly connected to a methamphetamine laboratory discovered Wednesday.


meth = methamphetamine「メタンフェタミン《興奮剤;【略】meth》」:allegedly「伝えられるところでは」。


Chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine drugs apparently spilled in the garage starting a fire, causing the suspects to flee.


apparently 「 (実際はともかく)見たところは…らしい」;flee「(急いで)逃げる」。


The garage where the methamphetamine materials were found by police is one of three along a frontage road. They were last rented and used by Bradley Sorg, whose hand-painted auto sales signs are still displayed on the trio of white-washed buildings.

Next door to the lab is Bundy Auto Parts and next door to the business is Danny's Place, a bar.

The street is heavily traveled because it links Austin to U.S. Highway 218 South.

「警察によって覚醒剤が発見されたガレージ(自動車修理工場)は、ある支線道路沿いの三軒のうちの一軒だった。それらを最後に賃借し使用していたのはBradley Sorgで、その男の手書きの自動車販売という看板が白い塗装の建物である三軒にはいまだ掲げられている。

工場の隣りはBundy自動車部品であり、その店の隣はDanny's Placeという酒場である 。


frontage road「支線道路」。

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