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No.17 "Gov't response to nuclear accident flawed" (USA, 10/01/99) )
(AP通信の記事なので、世界中の多くの新聞にこの内容の記事が掲載されているはず。同日の"Wyoming Tribune-Eagle"でも見かけた。類似表現が目立ったが、そっくりそのままではないのがミソ。)


Police, meanwhile, began investigating whether criminal negligence was involved. And Japan's top government spokesman admitted Tokyo's response was slow, and flawed.

"Unfortunately we must admit that we were behind in dealing with this accident," Nonaka told reporters Friday. "We admit that in deciding how serious the accident was, our assessment was inadequate."





the accident at the uranium processing plant had been contained, but only after sending three workers to the hospital -- two in critical condition -- and prompting the government to urge more than 310,000 people to stay indoors and keep their windows closed.


(注)uranium processing plant「ウラン加工施設」;contain「抑える」:「屋内に待避する」はstay indoors。

Top government spokesman Hiromu Nonaka announced Friday the lifting of an advisory for residents within six miles of the plant to stay indoors, saying the radiation level in the area was back to normal.

A 380-yard radius around the plant was still declared off-limits.



(注)lifting of an advisory「(屋内待避)勧告の解除」: A 380-yard radius around the plant「施設から半径380ヤードの地域」。off-limits「立ち入り禁止」。

A total of 49 other people were exposed to the radiation, according to the National Police Agency.


were exposed to the radiation「放射線にさらされた=被爆した」

Accidents have plagued the nuclear power industry in Japan -- a land so poor in natural resources that it relies on atomic energy for about a third of its electricity.



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