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No.54 " 29 Lankans killed in LTTE suicide attack(AFP)" (The New Nation Online(Bangladeshi), September 17, 2001。タミル・イーラム解放の虎[the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)]がスリランカ政府軍に対して自爆的攻撃を行った。)

No.53 " Mariners choose future course today" (The Seattle, Tuesday, June 05, 2001 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific。何を基準に新人選手を選択するのか。)

No.52 " Rape in Prison" (New York Times ON THE WEB, April 22, 2001。噂には聞いていた人も多いはずの現実)

No.51 " Ichiro a hero" (シアトルの二紙から。Tuesday, April 3, 2001)

No.50 " missing/ presumed dead/ dead/ died" (数紙から。February, 2001)
The Greenevilleが宇和島水産高校の実習船『愛媛丸』に衝突、同船沈没に関連して。

No.49 " Worsening behaviour 'linked to teacher shortage'" (by Will Woodward, education editor, Guardian Unlimited, Wednesday February 7, 2001)

No.48 " Investors, Consumers Buy a Dot-Com Bill of Goods" (By David Streitfeld, Washington Post Staff Writer, Washington, Monday, January 1, 2001; Page A01)

No.47 " Damilola family condemn Hague remarks" (The Times, 18:59 MONDAY DECEMBER 18 2000)

No.46 " Bubblegum stars chew on fleeting fame" (By Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY, USA Today.com11/14/00- Updated 10:28 AM ET)

No.45 " Boy, 10, bleeds to death after stabbing" (BY TIM REID AND STEWART TENDLER, The Times Online, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 29 2000)

No.44 " Analysis: When No One Goes Down for the Count" (By David Von Drehle and David S. Broder, Washington Post Staff Writers, Washington, Friday, November 10, 2000; Page A01)

No.43 " New moms with jobs hit record high" (By Kathleen Fackelmann, USA TODAY, USA, 10/24/00- Updated 12:33 AM ET)

No.42 " Israel in Shock as It Buries Mob's Victim" (By DEBORAH SONTAG, The New York Times ON THE WEB, October 14, 2000) 

No.41 " A Hope for Peace Dies With an Israeli Brother" (By Sharon Waxman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Washington, Saturday, October 14, 2000)

No.40 " Survey Finds Teens Using Cigarettes, Drugs Less" (By David A. Vise, Washington, Friday, September 1, 2000)

No.39 " Readers pick the best of the Bay Area -- from bookstores to bagels" (San Fancisco Chronicle, Sunday, May 7, 2000)

No.38 " Love at work" (USA Snapshot: Love at work, USA, 07/23/2000 - Updated 10:25 AM ET)

No.37 " Senate Passes Digital Signatures Bill" (By LIZETTE ALVAREZ and JERI CLAUSING, New York Times ON THE WEB , June 16, 2000)

No.36 " A Dot-Com World" (By Richard Drezen, The Washington Post ONLINE, Wednesday, May 17, 2000)

No.35 " Stocks plunge on inflation data" (USA, 04/14/00- Updated 06:52 PM ET)

No.34 " Smith & Wesson Pulls the Trigger, Makes a Deal" (by JESSICA REAVES,, Web-only news, Sunday, Mar. 17, 2000)

No.33 " Priming Young Minds" (by Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post ONLINE, Wednesday, February 9, 2000)

No.32 " The Missing Chapter from "The New New Thing"" (by NATHANIEL WICE, Time Digital, Thu., Jan. 27, 2000)
『"The New New Thing"から抜け落ちている章』

No.31 " 2000 College Rankings" (U.S. NEWS ONLINE Jan. 23 のページより)

No.30 " The Year Ahead" (By LEV GROSSMAN, Time Digital, Wed., Jan. 5, 2000)

No.29 " Golden age of discovery? You ain't seen nothing yet" (By Nancy Shute, U.S. News ON LINE, 2000/1/3)

No.28 " States warn drivers to mute phone chats " (By Scott Bowles, USA, 12/19/99 )

No.27 " Ali is this century's greatest athlete " (By Jon Saraceno, USA, 12/10/99 )

No.26 " 'Milkshakes' Don't Serve the Racing Industry " (By Andrew Beyer, The Washington, Friday, November 26, 1999 )

No.25 " Kids -- They Grow Up So Fast These Days " (By JESSICA REAVES,, Nov. 19, 1999 )

No.24 " Gay leader: Don't hate religious right wing" (By Matthew Yi OF THE EXAMINER STAFF, San Fancisco Examiner, Sunday Nov 14, 1999)

No.23 " Stops halted" (Brockville Recorder & Times(Canada), Wednesday, November 10, 1999)

No.22 " The Pope's coming" (Afternoon Despatch & Courier(India), November 3, 1999)

No.21 " Stag stripped of cash" (Toronto Sun( Canada), Thursday, October 21, 1999 )

No.20 " Mets stay alive in NLCS" (USA, 10/17/99)

No.19 " Mid-life crises ending in suicide" (Asahi English, October 10, 1999)

No.18 " Search for meth makers continues" (The Austin Daily Herald, Friday, October 08, 1999 )

No.17 "Gov't response to nuclear accident flawed" (USA, 10/01/99)

No.16 "Dress code to be enforced after holidays" (The Review Appeal, Tenenesie, 09/24/99)

No.15 "Taiwan rescuers battle the clock " (USA, 09/23/99)

No.14 "UNEMPLOYMENT IN GREEE IS ON THE RISE" ( Macedonian Press Agency(Greece), 18/09/1999)

No.13 "Drug-testing civil trial opens" (Amarillo Globe-News(Texas), Tuesday, August 24, 1999)

No.12 "Peeping Tom refused to leave " (The Straits Times(Singapore), AUG 28 1999 )

No.11 "Internet 30 years young today" (New Zealand Herald(New Zealand), 02/09/99 )

No.10 "White towels and sadistic showers" (Jordan Times(Jordan), September 01, 1999)

No.9 "Dengue 2 Sparks A Red Alert" (The Tico Times(Costa Rica), August 27, 1999)

No.8 "'New look' on the way for Jasper K-Mart store" (The Daily Mountain Eagle(Alabama), August 28,1999)

No.7 "Case could shape future of gun control" (USA, 08/27/99)

No.6 "No help for discarded generation" (The Buenos Aires Herald(Argentina), 16-23 August/99)

No.5 "There are loose police guns out there " (The Freeman( Philippines), 99/8/24)

No.4 "OAU teachers, students get ultimatum to quit cultism" (The Guardian(Nigeria), 99/8/23)

No.3 "Turks focus relief work on demolition" (USA, 99/8/23)

No.2 "Protest dogs bullfight" (The Gazette(Canada), 99/8/22)

No.1 "On-Line Share Transactions Surpass 20 Percent"(JoongAng Ilbo(韓国), 99/8/22)


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